Below are some of the frequently asked questions:

  • How do i buy a product?

    For the Open Source version, click on Products on the menu to see the list of available products. When you place a mouse on the product, you will see 'View Details' button and 'Buy Now' button, click on 'View Details' button to view the product details, or clcik on the 'Buy Now' button to buy the product.

    For the hosted version, check our pricing table at the home page of this website and click 'Buy' on your desired package

  • How do i pay?

    The default payment method is online payment by using credit/debit card on Paystack payment processor

  • How do i pay if i do not have means to pay online?

    We allow only customers in Nigeria to pay through 'Bank Deposit' into our bank account, and then notify us after payment through email. You will see the bank account details on the invoice generated at the end of your payment process.

  • How do i get the software to install after payment for the open source version?

    Once your payment is successful, login details will be sent to your email and you will be able to login into our website and download the script.

  • If i purchased the open source version, how do i install the script after downloading it?

    We have documentation page where you will get step by step guides to install the script. You can also contact us to install it for you

  • What if the websites on your product listing, or list on the website categories is not what i want?

    We can do a customized work for you, just call us or email us and let us know the kind of website you want with your specifications, we will do exactly what you want in short time

  • Is the source code encrypted on the open source version?

    No, It is not encrypted, this allows you to make any changes you want on the website.

  • Will I own my site after I purchase, and install the software?

    Yes. You own all of your content, data, and any customizations you have made to the EasyWeb source code.

    Even if you use our hosted version, you can request for your source code at any time. You can as well request to discontinue as our subdomain account at any time

  • Can i modify the open source script?

    Yes. You are free to modify any part of the script on the open source version

  • Do Harosoft render customization service to change the look of the website to the way i want after i purchase and install it?

    Yes. We provide customization service at a low price depending on your specifications